New Recordings/Music Video

Hey folks! I’m excited to announce that on August 4th I will be hitting the studio to record a few new compositions that I’ve been working on since the release of ‘Openings’. I’m also excited to be joined by my cousin and filmmaker Aidan Karstadt, who will be capturing some footage that will serve as the basis for my first music video. The tracks will ultimately be added to my next album, which will most likely be released sometime next summer, but I will be releasing them on my YouTube channel, ‘NDPiano’ for free once recorded. Stay tuned for information on the Chicago installment of the ‘Openings’ release concert which will be taking place September 24th!


More digital information on ‘Openings’

Hey folks! Openings is officially available on iTunes and Amazon! If you’d like to buy the album digitally please check either of these distribution outlets!

For access to the album on iTunes, go to the iTunes store and search ‘Openings’ under albums and there you’ll find it!

Openings is now on Spotify!

Don’t forget to listen to ‘Openings’ on Spotify! Stay tuned and I will continue to update you all on the subsequent digital appearances of ‘Openings’!


Openings is now digital!

Visit this link to purchase “Openings” online! And stay tuned for the other areas online where the album will soon be available!!


Openings Release Part 2: June 1 Pittsburgh Winery

Screenshot 2016-06-01 12.04.00Another great poster by Alexa promoting the second installment of ‘Openings’ release tonight at the Pittsburgh Winery!


Screenshot 2016-05-25 11.15.53


Online Airplay

Don’t forget to tune into the solo piano channels on and to hear tracks from ‘Openings’!